Map Settings

Styling, Controls, Layers, Dragging, API, Localization, Locations listing

Styling Settings

Allows you to set zoom-level and map styling (width, height, custom theme).

Controls Settings

Allows you to enable/disable and re-position map controls.

Layers Settings

Allows you to add on any map traffic, transit and bicycling layers.

Dragging Settings

Allows you to enable or disable map dragging on desktop/mobile devices.

API Settings

Due to Google`s updates to Maps APIs standard plan, any map created after June 22, 2016 needs to use an API key in order to function.

Localization Settings

This option would force the map to display information in a particular language

Locations Listing

Allows you to display below the map a list with all locations added.

Marker Settings

Available settings: Location, Marker

Multiple Markers

You can set an unlimited number of markers and each of it can have its own bubble info and animation.

Marker Clustering

Simplifies data visualization by consolidating nearby markers in an aggregate form.

Location Settings

Allows you to set a location for the marker and add a friendly name to it. You can set location based on coordinates (adds precision), or you could just type in the name.

Marker Settings

Allows you to set a predefined/custom marker icon, add a description when clicking the marker and also a drop/bounce animation.